Yaran Ensemble is a formation of Persian music and dance. The artists in this ensemble have a large vast tour of venues around the world and have colloborated in various festivals & projects.

  • Lubna Shakti
    Persian contemporary, clasical, folk and mystical dance, recitation Dancer, choreographer and stage director. She is trained in classical dance and folkloreGallego, classical Spanish and flamenco also oriental dance and folklore of variousregions of the Middle East, north Africa and central Asia. Lubna is introduced in the ritual dances of different cultures and mystic Sufi & Sama dance, which was submerged to various studies, travel and practice. She is specialized in Persian dances of the Silk road, Andalusian & Gypsy dance and currently heads the first integral training and culture Persian dance in Spain. Lubna is artistic director and choreographer of the Luna de Oriente Production & founder of MORESCA dance.


  • Babak Kamgar
    Babak Kamgar has grown up in a family of musicians and music has always played an important roll in his life. He left his country, family and friends many years ago because of the fact that music was forbidden and he couldn't be free to do what he wished, which was studying music at the university and being able to play for audiences. He moved to Europe to follow his dream, he entered the Prince Claus Conservatory in the Netherlands and later got his master in film composition at the school of art and technology in Hilversum. Babak has developed many intercultural projects in Europe. Out of his experience blending the styles is always interesting for audience. He offers his unknown background to the world in a new sound.


  • Pedram Khosravi
    Pedram is living in Spain since 1989. His musical training began at a young age and his first steps were learning Tombak and Daf. Later he began to learn the oldest Iranian string the Tanbur. He has had the opportunity to take master classes with such great masters like Behnam Samani, Safa Shalpush, Pejman Hadadi and Ali Akbar Moradi. Now he colloborate with different musical groups, such as Nassim Sabah, Canzona and Ofogh. Pedram has participated in different concerts with great musicians such as Masud Shoari, Javid Afsari Rad, Reza Samani, Kuorosh Taghavi.

  • Kaveh Sarvarian
    composes and plays various traditional-folk wind and percussion instruments. His specialty is the Persian Ney. With a Master of Art in Composition (M.A.) and eight years of experience as professor of music at the University of Art and other private institutes in Tehran, he has worked within various types of music including: Traditional Persian, Persian Folk, Fusion, Free Jazz, World, Classical and Contemporary. Awards for his accomplishments include, best soundtrack for the document "The Hidden Tear" in the National Media Festival, Iran, 2006, and best composition for "Quartet in Dashti" in the Fajr International Music Festival, Iran, 1998. . He has recorded four of his own albums, published Four books, and created two teaching methods during his career.


YARAN which means friends in Persian

This ensemble has different repertoires for concerts:
Mystical Persian music, dance & Poetry. A show that
shows different styles and modes of Persian music
and the elegance of it's epic, historical and classical
dances. Repertoire of Persian Folk Music and Dance.
In this show the audiance have the opportunity to
explore the geography of Iran from his chair.